What is Genie?

Genie is the feature rich Wi-Fi router which offers Networks security and Online child protection for all connected devices.

It exposes two separate Wi-Fi from the router, one Wi-Fi for online security and other for online child protection.

It is preconfigured to block adult content and make Internet safer for your kids.

Why use Genie


Internet Security

Protects your every device from phishing and malware attacks


Online child protection

Protects your children from adult content


Google & YouTube Safety

Forces google safe search for kids. Filters out adult/mature content on google image search


Guest protection

Protects you & your guest devices even if it has malware


300 Mbps wireless speed

Ideal for streaming HD Video & greatly increases wireless robustness and stability


WiFi protection at its best

With WPA2 security and perfect security configured Genie WiFi is offers best protection for every connected device


Automatic updates

Router auto-updates to bring in more security features, improved performance and bugs fixes