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Manage, Monitor and Fix Customer Routers with Web-Dashboard

GENIE Router management web dashboard is for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to manage customer premise Wi-Fi routers. Centrally manage all your user’s routers for health-check, troubleshooting and remotely fixing any issues.

Check out screenshots here

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Reduce maintenance cost by the ability to fix router remotely. Monitor router health check using web-dashboard. Reduce customer on-premises visits.

GENIE Router Management is provides Web-Dashboard for listing all your subscribers and their routers. You can view router status, logs and manage router settings remotely.

Router Reset Problem addressed by GENIE: 
Internet gets disconnected when a user resets the router configured with PPPoE . GENIE router firmware solves the problem with custom firmware built for ISPs which has default PPPoE Username/Password.

When a router is resetted, it connects with ISPs RADIUS server to get Internet access using default PPPoE credentials. On Internet connectivity, router downloads backed-up settings from server and restores the router. Subscribers actual username/password gets configured within couple of minutes and Internet is fully functional.

No need to call or visit customers to fix the problem – thereby reducing ISPs maintenance cost.

Earn More With Value Added Services

ISP can now offer Internet Security & Parental Controls as value added services to their customers.

ISPs get the commission for value added services.

By deploying GENIE – Total Internet Security Wi-Fi router,  subscribers get new value added services.

Here is how ISPs Earns more:

We provide a trial period for users to try our services free for certain period of time. On expiry of trial period we disable Network Security and Parental Control to show subscription renewal messages.  Users who wish to continue these services will pay directly to us and we restore the services back. We manage end-to-end messaging, payment and re-activation – No action required from ISPs here.

We share commission to ISPs when users pay for our services.

As an ISP you promote our product and services to users and deploy GENIE routers or Router that are supported by GENIE firmware.

GENIE functionality – Internet Security & Parental Controls can also be obtained on existing routers. See below.

Improve Quality of Service

Improve the quality of service by reducing downtime.

Block unwanted traffic at the source with GENIE routers that is built with Advanced Firewall. Save your International bandwidth cost.

Happy customers and Happy ISPs.

Deliver More With Zero Infrastructure Changes

Zero infrastructure changes in your existing IT environment and yet deliver value added services.

Deploy Wi-Fi router as an endpoint that can be managed by web dashboard without making any intermediate infrastructure changes.

Multi-Vendor Wi-Fi Router Support

No new Wi-Fi routers to procure. We provide custom firmware for 200+ well-known Wi-Fi routers that integrate with our system. Upgrade your existing routers to the newer platform. 

Download firmware for free and get started now.

We understand Wi-Fi router technology to its core. We have built our technology in a generic manner to make it run on a large number of routers.  Around 200 router models supported from various top hardware vendors.

ISPs can download the firmware for free and upgrade firmware on existing Wi-Fi routers.  Once router restarts with new firmware, you can setup for your subscriber and that’s it!

We take care of providing required Internet Security and Parental Control.  Additionally, we manage users security subscription. trial-expiry and payments.

And Its FREE

GENIE Cloud Router Management is absolutely FREE and will remain FREE. No hidden cost. No credit card required. Start managing your customer premises routers now.

Our Happy Clients


GENIE gives peaceful sleep to parents by filtering bad content and scheduling access time without daily conflict of  gadget, playtime, and homework. Once hassle free setup is done then it’s done. All the new bad contents, virus are blocked. It also helped SMEs by scheduling access time for the employee, boosting productivity and keeping the employee happy by allowing access.

As an ISP we incurred service calls for router configuration, which are eliminated due to the master control panel. Router goes directly to the field, a configuration is getting pushed from the server. Faster activation process.

Vishal Desai, Airlink

GENIE routers from Open Netware has opened the possibility of clean pipe solution to our every customer and also shown us the possibility to increase service levels towards our customers. We are definitely looking towards more personalized service to our every customer with help of this product.

The level of configuration possibilities along with specific customization possible in this product will help us give new era of wi-fi routers to customers. The open Netware team has been very helpful & energetic in every stage starting from product testing to rollout.

Vikram Shah, UCOM Digital